Chi Tea Pro is a perfect supplement for American diet routines that lack the nutrients essential to good health. Educate and benefit your patients while growing your practice with the purest most potent green tea extract available. 



For Health Care Providers Who Take a Holistic Approach to Patient Care


Viva Herbals for Immune Support by Iracani, T, Selzer,J. 2020


Ultimate Green Tea Pro™ was developed by the scientists of the original Ultimate Green Tea™. which potentiates the immune-supporting properties of the product in these times of increased environmental stress. Using the principle of holistic and full-spectrum health, we have added Black Elderberry, Astaxanthin, and Zinc. You get the same powerful support from Ultimate Green Tea Original™ with the supportive and synergistically balanced benefits of these three components.*

In the fast-paced world we live in stress can attack our bodies, which gradually wears down and weakens our immune systems. This can lead to accelerated aging and compromise our well-being.

Ultimate Green Tea™ for decades has helped support innate immunity for consumers throughout the country, using the discovered power of herbs that were used in remote cultures for centuries. Ultimate Green Tea™ uses holistically-balanced formulations with full-spectrum herbs to fortify your body’s ability to stay healthy (*), unlike allopathic medications,


Green Tea (Camellia sinensis)
Our products are based on a powerful green tea extract. Green tea polyphenols — especially catechins — are the herbal products most studied for human health worldwide. Catechins help support good health in virtually every organ of our bodies based on thousands of studies. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is the most potent catechin in green tea and a part of our formula.  The Ultimate Green Tea™ formula contains 95% polyphenols, 80% total catechins, and 72mg EGCG per cup. Not only is green tea a powerful anti-aging antioxidant, but it also helps support the immune system.*

Goji Berries (Wolfberry) (Lycium chinensis)
Goji berries from the elevations of Tibet are packed with substances called polysaccharides, whose health-promoting properties form the basis of the “superfruit” claim. Arabinose, galactose, glucose, rhamnose, mannose, xylose, and galacturonic acid comprise the major monosaccharides that are bound to the health-promoting polysaccharides. Being exposed to high-altitude intense sun, the Goji berries have developed high levels of polyphenols and carotenoids to help protect them from oxidative damage. Many pharmacological functions relate to the natural support of healthy eyes, kidneys, and liver, but one of the most important targets of Gojl is the immune system. Goji works in concert with other ingredients in Ultimate Green Tea Pro™ by providing synergistic health benefits.*

Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus)
The major components of Astragalus membranaceus are polysaccharides, flavonoids, and saponins. Contemporary use of Astragalus mainly focuses on its immunomodulating, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory, as well as health-promoting effects on cellular health. One of the primary active components in Astragalus is the astragalosides, a group of compounds with highly active antioxidant properties. As with other plants from harsh environments, it is often used to support the immune system in times of high environmental stress. Other studies show that Astragalus can help support a weight loss program; it even promotes energy, health memory, and cognition. Again, Ultimate Green Tea Pro™ helps support the immune system but also has anti-aging benefits.*

Chinese Licorice (Glycyrrhiza uralensis)
One of the most commonly used adaptogenic herbs in Chinese herbal traditions (TCM) is licorice. Similar to its Western cousin G. glabra, G. uralensis has adaptogenic health properties that promote overall wellness; it promotes a healthy inflammatory response and supports the immune system. Its holistic support provides overall health benefits that are of particular interest in times of environmental stress.*

Black Elderberry (Sambucus nigra)
One of the most important herbs today for supporting immune health is the Black Elderberry, a component of Ultimate Green Tea Pro™. This plant, especially if grown at higher altitudes with high UV light levels (our plants are from the Italian and Austrian Alps), develops very high amounts of polyphenols to protect it from damage. Again, what works ln the plant can work in the human. Black Elderberry is the second most studied botanical for immune system health. Studies have also shown that Black Elderberry supports upper respiratory health. In fact, one study demonstrated significant physical, respiratory, and mental health support for intercontinental airplane passengers.* Unfortunately, the mechanism by which Elderberry supports the immune system has not yet been elucidated. We only know that it works.*

The immune system needs zinc to function. Our Ultimate Green Tea Pro™ contains l00% of the daily value for zinc, ensuring that you get the amount you need for optimal immune support. We use zinc sulfate because it is very potent, has an agreeable taste, and dissociates easily for good absorption in the body.*

The final addition in Ultimate Green Tea Pro™ is a very potent form of Astaxanthin. Grown in the desert of lsrael, where the sun is very strong, the algae that produce the Astaxanthin for protection are particularly stimulated. Astaxanthin is one of the world’s most potent antioxidants, and many studies have shown its multiple health benefits.*


The ingredients in Ultimate Green Tea Pro™ work synergistically and cumulatively to help support the immune system. The product is holistically designed to promote balance in the system and thus supports the entire body according to Traditional Chinese Pharmacopoeia.* The combination of herbs that serve as the base for Ultimate Green Tea™ and Ultimate Green Tea Pro™ have been used in combination by Chinese traditionalists for thousands of years.

Most of the components of the herbs we use in our products are active molecules that play similar roles in plants to those they play in us. Plants, too, are subjected to environmental stressors that can weaken their immune systems and cause early death. These plants have evolved a defense mechanism that helps protect them from things like dangerously high levels of UV light as found in deserts. Polyphenols are examples of such mechanisms. Often, when plants are subjected to the stresses of high-intensity UV light, they build up levels of polyphenols to help prevent oxidation of their cells. The same principle works in our bodies. We have selected some of the most important polyphenols from around the world and have created products that help our bodies manage the environmental stressors that surround us in ever-increasing numbers:”

Ultimate Green Tea Pro™ is to be taken at least once or twice daily for optimum results, or more, depending on the advice of your health-care practitioner. It can be taken straight by pipette (dropper) or diluted in water or any cold beverage. (Hot water may destroy some of the sensitive active components that are critical for the product’s efficacy.) Because of the proven history of these ingredients and the 20 years of experience in the U.S. market, we have concluded that there is no limit to the length of time this product may be taken daily, as opposed to other immune-promoting herbs, such as echinacea or goldenseal, which should not be taken more than two weeks continuously.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Chi Tea Ultimate Green Tea Pro is only available to certified healthcare providers. This product is NOT available for consumer purchases.


Chi Tea Ultimate Green Tea Pro is only available to certified healthcare providers. This product is NOT available for consumer purchases.